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The goal of this website is to help protect you and your organization from cyber crime.  Here you can learn multiple ways to keep your business, your community, your family, and yourself from becoming a victim of the fastest growing crime in today’s world.  Learn how to avoid internet fraud and how to maintain online safety.  Prevent hackers, child predators, and identify thieves from invading your computer and threatening your personal and financial safety.  Schedule live training sessions for your group on the contact page.

Michael Bazzell's live training focuses on recent trends of online fraud, computer intrusion, and ways that suspects steal valuable data from your company. The presentation includes the details of how hackers commit their crimes and what any employee can do to protect company assets. The audience will learn immediately how password hacking, email phishing, wireless access, telephone scams, social engineering, and portable devices are an emerging threat against every business. Live examples of 'hacking' into information will shock the audience, while detailed solutions will be displayed on how to stop the threat.

He will show your audience the numerous ways that suspects steal their personal information and explains how they benefit from the data obtained. The presentation includes live demonstrations of how you are likely to be attacked and the easy steps that anyone can take to prevent becoming a victim. The audience will learn immediately how strong passwords, good security questions, secure computers, improved email habits, defensive behavior, and guarded social network profiles will protect anyone from unwanted hacker attention.

OSINT Training

We also provide extensive online and in-person Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training to government and private sector entities. This detailed three day training will teach a unique response to incident investigation with unconventional free resources. Participants receive lifetime access to the Investigations Resources area of this site which includes hundreds of links, dozens of software programs, and a custom online search tool.

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Digital Security Guide

My book on protecting yourself from online crime is now available.

Personal Digital Security: Protecting Yourself From Online Crime

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Privacy Guide

The second edition of my book on hiding from the internet is now available.

Hiding from the Internet: Eliminating Personal Online Information.

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