Live Events and Keynotes

Whether you are looking for a live keynote for your conference or a specialized training event for your staff, we have you covered. We can cater to everything from a one-hour general session to a 5-day training bootcamp. Every event is customized for your audience. Please select your path below.

  Keynotes With
Michael Bazzell
  OSINT & Privacy Training  

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Online Training

Did you miss the keynote that Michael Bazzell gave at a recent event? Do you want to view an extended session with content never delivered at the live events? If so, our Online Training option is perfect for you. We now offer pre-recorded videos that you can live-stream at anytime. Access to this training can also be purchased for delivery to multiple employees. Optionally, we can customize the videos for your needs and they can be distributed across your internal network as part of your employee training program. Please Contact Us for more details.

These courses, with over 300 videos containing over 100 hours of real content, replicate our entire arsenal of live training resources. All packages now include FULL ACCESS to our OSINT, Privacy, & Cyber courses, Private Forum, Search Tools, and updates every month.

Weekly Podcast

My weekly podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator. Click HERE to listen or subscribe.

Coming Soon!

My latest book on Extreme Privacy will be available in August 2019. Click HERE for all available details.