Privacy Policy

We have two independent areas of this website for public content and private content.

Public Pages

Our privacy policy is quite simple. We collect absolutely no information about our visitors. We do not use any type of web analytics. We do not know your IP address. Our pages are coded in simple HTML. There are no cookies or any other files copied to your computer. We have no options that allow you to "like" or "tweet about" us on social networks. We never disclose any contact information obtained or stored to any entity. We truly respect your privacy.

We currently have two affiliate partnerships. One is through Amazon. If you purchase books from Amazon through links in this website, Amazon knows that you were directed by us. We cannot see any personal information and we do not know your name or address. The second affiliate is Private Internet Access (PIA). Again, if you click our link and make an order, they know that we referred you. We receive absolutely no information about you or your order.

Private Pages

Our private content area, including online video training and live course access, apply the above statements with the following exception. We use ASP for user access credentialing. Logging into our private pages produces a temporary "cookie" that expires the moment you close your browser. This is used solely to prevent unauthorized access and provides no personal information about you.


We use SSL encryption on all of our pages. We assign random passwords to our users to prevent personalization of any credentials.


Privacy Guide

The third edition (2016) of my book on digital privacy is now available:

Hiding from the Internet

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