Open Source Intelligence Techniques - 5th Edition (2016)

Fifth Edition Sheds New Light on Open Source Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methods

In this 400+ page textbook, I share my methods for searching and analyzing online information in detail. Each step of the process is explained throughout nineteen chapters of specialized websites, software solutions, and creative search techniques. Over 250 resources are identified with narrative tutorials and screen captures. This book will serve as a reference guide for anyone that is responsible for the collection of online content. It is written in a hands-on style that encourages the reader to execute the tutorials as they go. The search techniques offered will inspire analysts to “think outside the box” when scouring the internet for personal information. Always thinking like a hacker, I have identified new ways to use various technologies for an unintended purpose. This book will improve anyone’s online investigative skills. Among other techniques, you will learn how to locate:

Hidden Social Network Content
Cell Phone Subscriber Information
Deleted Websites & Posts
Missing Facebook Profile Data
Full Twitter Account Data
Alias Social Network Profiles
Free Investigative Software
Useful Browser Extensions
Alternative Search Engine Results
Website Owner Information
Photo GPS & Metadata
Live Streaming Social Content
Social Content by Location
IP Addresses of Users
Additional User Accounts
Sensitive Documents & Photos
Private Email Addresses
Duplicate Video Posts
Mobile App Network Data
Unlisted Addresses & #s
Public Government Records
Document Metadata
Rental Vehicle Contracts
Online Criminal Activity
Personal Radio Communications
Compromised Email Information
Wireless Routers by Location
Hidden Mapping Applications
Dark Web Content (Tor)
Restricted YouTube Content
Hidden Website Details
Vehicle Registration Details

Updated Links

Occasionally, techniques for obtaining online information change. Some websites shut down and many change the exact address for access. Often, I find new services after the books are published. Those that purchase the book may want easier access to many of the links demonstrated during the instruction. All of these scenarios have convinced me to make my current set of basic OSINT links publicly available. Click the link below to access over 300 investigation resources. Many of the techniques in the book can be found on this page.


5th Edition Updates

If you have the 4th edition of this book, you may want to know what has changed in this 5th edition. Overall, 1/3 of the book is new content, 1/3 is updated material, and 1/3 is recycled relevant instruction. I removed the majority of the screen captures in this textbook and replaced the space with detailed tutorials. This allowed much new additional content without increasing the page count, which allowed the price of the book to remain unchanged. A more compact font was used in order to present more content within less space. The entire Social Networks chapter was rewritten to reflect the many new possibilities within search options. A new chapter on securing your computer presents several precautions that should be taken before conducting investigations. The new chapter on USB boot operating systems presents several new ways to completely protect your computer from infection and your cases from contamination. All expired and outdated resources were replaced with new methods throughout every chapter, and the OSINT flow charts were re-built to reflect all changes. Finally, several new online custom search tools were created and implemented into the tutorials for easier search execution.

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