Hiding From The Internet (2016 3rd Edition)

Take control of your privacy by removing
your personal information from the internet

In this new edition, I share my methods for removing your personal information from the internet. I expose the resources that broadcast your personal details to public view. I have researched each source and identified the best method to have your private details removed from the databases that store profiles on all of us.

This book will serve as a reference guide for anyone that values privacy. Each technique is explained in simple steps. It is written in a hands-on style that encourages the reader to execute the tutorials as they go. I provide personal experiences from my journey to disappear from public view. Much of the content of this book has never been discussed in any publication. Always thinking like a hacker, I identify new ways to force companies to remove you from their data collection systems. This book exposes loopholes that create unique opportunities for privacy seekers. Among other techniques, you will learn to:

Remove your personal information from dozens of public databases and people search websites
Create free anonymous physical mail addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers
Provide disinformation and create aliases to conceal true private details
Possess a completely anonymous smart telephone with private service
Establish an invisible home and vehicle that have no connection to your name
Force data brokers to stop sharing your information with both private and public organizations
Remove your landline and cellular telephone numbers from online websites
Use a credit freeze to eliminate the worry of financial identity theft and fraud
Change your future habits to promote complete privacy and anonymity
Conduct a complete self-background check to verify proper information removal
Control your privacy settings on social networks and remove sensitive data

3rd Edition Updates and Links

Please note that the entire content of this book is now included within the book The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference: Volume I.

Do you already have the second edition of this book? You may want to know what new content is included in this version. Overall, there are over 75 additional pages of detailed instruction with 5 new chapters. The entire second edition (2014) was re-worked and is now delivered into a more digestible format. Many screen captures were removed while more detailed text was added. Below are some of the main changes.

Client Experiences: Over the past two years, in a consulting role, I’ve helped many individuals achieve complete privacy. From domestic violence victims to celebrities, I have learned a lot from helping them disappear. With their permission, and through masking of details, I share numerous real experiences. These examples will help readers understand the rationale behind certain methods I teach.

Personal Information Removal: In the previous editions, I had multiple chapters dedicated to detailed instruction of how to opt-out of online databases and demand removal of content. Four chapters have been re-worked and combined into a single workbook style chapter. It provides compressed instructions inside of small sections where you can document your progress.

Anonymous Telephones: This new chapter outlines my solutions for acquiring and maintaining completely anonymous smart phones. Everything from service providers and clean devices to VOIP and encryption apps are covered. Yes, it’s possible to have privacy and still own a cell phone.

Web Publishing: There are times where you want to have an online presence, but don’t want to sacrifice your privacy. This new chapter shows how to set up websites that can’t be archived or traced to your residence.

Aliases: This new chapter discusses proper alias creation from choosing a name all the way through legal photo identification in that name. I present several strategies that may encourage you to adopt a new alias.

Major Life Events: This new chapter goes into further detail about the purchase of invisible homes and vehicles, expanding on several methods and pulling from actual client experiences. I also cover family records such as marriage and divorce.

Data Leakage Response: This new chapter guides you through the proper response if or when your details are leaked on the internet. It shares specific client successes with information removal from search engines.

Overall, approximately 1/3 of the book is untouched and recycled, 1/3 is updated content, and 1/3 is brand new material. Readers who have executed a previous edition may want to start on chapter five of this new edition. It is now 330+ pages single spaced.

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Book Links

In this book, I discuss the various ways to remove your personal information from the internet. A links page was created to assist the readers. Each link mentioned in the book is on this page, separated by chapter. As links change, I will update these resources. This page does not include instruction, and some of the links may seem confusing without the book. I also conduct training sessions on these techniques.